Holyrood Cup Results 2016

U/13 Junior Mixed Foil Teams:

GOLD:   The Banter Boys (Penman, C;  Ramage, M; Walton, T)
winning: 43-30

SILVER: Cam Your Jam (Adams, C; Cook, J; Syme, C)

BRONZE: Girl Power (Cook, I; Cowan, R; Wagstaff, Z)

Senior Mixed Foil Teams:

GOLD: Mallets & Balls (Arbelet, A; Broughton, C; Firth, J; Webster, J)
winning 45-42

SILVER: The Young Pretenders (Cook, K; McAndrew, F; Morrison, D; Samulski, J)

BRONZE: The Counts (Alderman, S; Douglas, J; Russell, I)

Senior Mixed Epee Teams:

GOLD: Harambe’s Revenge #Dabforharambe (High, R; Hoffmann, T; Johnston, C)
winning 45-35

SILVER: It’ll all end in (muske)tears (Arbelet, A;  Broughton, C;  Firth, J; Milne K)

BRONZEFlesh & Pwn (McMenemy, G;  Morrison, D; Papadopoulos A)